Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poor Dirty Black Mind

To the spammer who just posted that comment saying I am a "sleazy" photographer...:
Well I can imagine you going to the museum, buying expensing books and giving ecstatic lectures about artists like Modigliani, Picasso or Egon Schiele and that's OK for you when they portray young naked models. Yes. Alright. Totally OK because these guys are dead and gone...The problem is : When it's today and it's a young guy, an ALIVE person who is just humbly working the same way they did then you are not OK anymore. Why so ? Because you seem to just despise Life. A life you have a hard time to achieve at its highest level. And so, to you, if an artist is not categorized as a "genius" by a majority of people or by this great boring institution you are paying your dues to then he is a nothing..He is a pervert ?...All I can say is : I pity you dirty sod...Take your hands off your pants while looking at my pictures because that is not the point here and obviously you seem to be the one with that dirty black mind.
God bless you if it's not too late.

PS : If you are such an intelligent critic why don't you have the courage to sign by your real name like all real critics do after writing their literature ? I do when taking any picture. I am not ashamed of what I do because I love my work and respect my models.
Why don't you allow people to comment after your crazy allegations ? I do let web surfers speaking about their feelings on my blog.
So show some courage. Be a man. At least a project of a human being.