Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not your average doll !


Diana Moldovan is so much more than a doll face. First of all she really looks like Gene Tierney who I consider being one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking actresses I ever saw on screen. But the most important thing I am deeply obsessed with when thinking about Diana is her Voice. I could literally put my camera down in a middle of a shoot : Just being there doing nothing but listening to her voice. Oh.. That would make my day. That fashion doll would disappear because of the sound of words behind the words. Yes I can tell you : Her low, rough and profound voice is not talking about dollhouses. It comes from a much more distant country of adventure where the sun is still young for beggars who act in dark forests....She made me daydreaming I guess...

For you guys, some outtakes from a story called "Razor's Edge".
I shot it for The Ones To Watch. Thanks to Rosie for showcasing my work.

Make up : Thorsten Weiss @ Community
Hair : Allison McLellan @ Susan Price
Fashion Editor : Liz McClean
Model : Diana Moldovan @ IMG